Motivating Minds Hypnosis and Magically Speaking, LLC offers a variety of Hypnosis Audio CD’s and Downloadable Recordings that will help you facilitate positive change and growth in your life. Make a positive choice today with one or more of these products.


“The Key to Success”

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This Thumbdrive contains my latest Hypnosis Audio Program that will help you to achieve success in every area of your life. It helps you to address your attitude, prosperity and abundance, forgiveness, being in control, setting goals, gratitude and much, much more. It is seven chapters long and over 80 minutes of listening time with hypnotic visualizations that go with each chapter in order for you to be able to make the changes you want in life and achieve your goals beyond your wildest imagination.

AND… As an added bonus, you also receive Seven Self-Hypnosis Recordings (All of the ones pictured below on this website plus more), the “I AM” Children’s Hypnosis Book and the accompanying audio program, the “Unleash the Power of Success” Book and accompanying audio program. All of these programs if purchased individually would be valued at over $250.00. But now you can have it all for only…

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Live to Be Smoke Free CD Icon Cropped

Stop smoking now with this all natural solution. With this Hypnosis CD  there are no harmful drugs, patches or gum, only the use of the most powerful tool you have… your subconscious mind. Because it is all natural, you will not experience any harmful side effects or withdrawal. Don’t even worry about weight gain after you stop smoking, there’s even a hypnotic suggestion on the CD that addresses that concern. This CD comes complete with a “Freedom Kit” to help you along on your journey of becoming a non-smoker for life.

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Whether you are looking to shed a few pounds or for a full body makeover, this Hypnosis Recording will help you manage your weight the natural way without drugs or diets. You will be able to achieve and maintain your ideal body weight and control your cravings all while eating and living healthier. The best part about it is there is NO special food to purchase or expensive health club memberships.

$9.99 – Instant Download

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Stress Control CD Icon Cropped

Relax more and sleep better as this Hypnosis Recording helps you gain control over your emotions and how you react to stressful situations in life. You will master the ability to release negative thoughts and be able to silence all of the internal noise that keeps your mind from being in a peaceful and calm state. You will be able to sleep as much as you need and enjoy every minute of it that you get.

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Athletic Performance CD Icon Cropped

This Hypnosis Recording will help you increase your athletic ability and performance in any sport. Improve your focus, concentration and overall mental game. Increase your speed, accuracy and endurance and maximize your athletic potential. Great for the weekend sports enthusiast and professional athlete alike. Perfect for golfers.

$9.99 – Instant Download

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Memory CD Icon Cropped

You will improve your study habits as you use this Hypnosis Recording to increase your memory and recall skills exponentially. You will be able to take tests without anxiety or fear. This is perfect for students of all ages, grade levels and subject areas.

$9.99 – Instant Download

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Self Esteme CD Icon Cropped

This Hypnosis Recording will empower you to maximize your full potential in life and achieve greatness. Your self-confidence will increase in every area of your life as you learn to view yourself as a person of greatness. You will have better self esteem than you have ever had before.

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Here are some additional products offered by

Motivating Minds Hypnosis…

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The purpose to this book is to empower young children to believe in themselves and to understand that anything is possible.  If they can imagine it, they can do it. The Companion audio CD is the book read by the authors for your child to follow along with while they read the book and when the text of the book is completed your child can continue to listen to the positive suggestions and affirmations on the CD while they spend a few moments “Day Dreaming” and visualizing their goals and dreams of what they would like to become. The suggestive language used in the book and the recordings is meant to serve as positive affirmations to your child so that they can make their thoughts become real. This will not only help them become more creative thinkers by using their imagination, but will also boost their self esteem as they learn to use their visualization skills to focus clearly on their goals. Combining these two things, and with your encouragement, your child will naturally become more successful in life.
Ages 1 – 8 Years.

 Book Cover

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A simple and practical system to focus the power of the human mind to unleash the power of success.  A systematic method to achieve success in every area of your life. By making a few simple shifts to your thought process, you will begin to realize how simple and easy achieving success really can be to master. Once you begin on the journey to success, you will be able to effortlessly and easily manifest success in every area of your life… Personal, Physical, Financial and Spiritual.

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