LASER System

Introducing the New LASER System!!!

The revolutionary Light And Sound Energy Relaxation System

Using light and sound at a specified frequency, this LASER System machine will stimulate your mental activity leading your mind from a normal waking consciousness to a variety of desirable altered state of consciousness.

Light and Sound Machine Girl Photo

The LASER System can be used for a variety of things from Stress Relief, Deep Relaxation, Better Sleep Patterns, Memory Improvement, Increased Learning, Stabilizing Emotions, Improved Intellectual Focus, Lucid Dreaming, Sensory Stimulation, Increased Physical Energy, and Many Other Areas. While the Light And Sound Energy Relaxation System is not meant to be a replacement for the work of physicians and therapists, research has substantiated that it is and enhancement to those forms of treatment and when used in conjuction with hypnosis can be a catalyst for positive change. As a matter of fact, lights and sound have been used for centuries in many cultures to trigger shifts in consciousness.

Light and Sound Machine Photo

During a LASER System Session, clients will be fitted with special glasses and noise cancelling headphone and will be immersed in a peaceful, relaxing enviroment while they enjoy a colorful light display behind their closed eyes where they will experience geometric jewel like patterns and entrancing sounds. The light and sound pulse rates shift as the states of consciousness shift.

(NOTE: The LASER System is not meant for those clients that have epilepsy or are subject to seizures)

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