Motivating Minds Hypnosis through it’s parent company, Magically Speaking, LLC and it’s seminar division iMagic Seminars, offers a variety of public and private Hypnosis Seminars. The most popular seminars are…

“Live to Be Smoke Free” – Smoking Cessation

 “live to Be Fat Free” – Weight Management

 “Live to Be Stress Free” – Stress Control & Relaxation

  “Ultimate Performance & Competitive Edge” – Personal Performance for Athletics, Academics or Sales


“Unleash The Power of Success”

The Newest Seminar to Take the Business World By Storm!!! Read More Below…

These seminars are perfect for corporations and public or private groups. Michael can even custom tailor a seminar to fit your group’s needs. All seminars can be presented on site or at a remote location of your choice.

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Contact Magically Speaking, LLC directly at (520)270-0183 to register or for information about any seminar currently being offered by Motivating Minds Hypnosis, iMagic Seminars and Magically Speaking, LLC. Group discounts may apply.



 Is Your Business Reaching It’s Maximum Potential in Income and Productivity? Are You Running Your Business OR Is Your Business Running You? Do You Want Your Business To Grow, But it Just Seems Stuck? Are Both You and Your Team Stressed and Burnt Out?

 WARNING: Most motivational seminars will keep your employees excited and feeling invincible for a few days and then they are back to their old habits. This Seminar Will Empower Your Team to Smash all of their Old Habits and Achieve Maximum Success!

 Maybe it’s time to take a step back and look at the big picture. You can’t keep doing the same things over and over and expect to see different results. What if there was a system you could actually use to  improve your business, increase your profits and cause a prosperous change for you and your employees?

Now There Is…

A Simple, Practical System to Focus The Power of Your Mind

Increase Sales  *  Boost Productivity  *  Empower Workforce

 In 180 Minutes You Will Learn…

 – How to Master Your Attitude –

– How to Unleash Your Creativity –

– How to Become a Visionary Thinker –

– How to Become Not Just a Goal Setter But a GOAL ACHIEVER –

– The Secret Power of Non-Verbal Communication and Suggestion –

– How to Break Bad Habits and Eliminate ALL Distractions & Success Barriers –

 Don’t Wait for the Economy to “Get Better”. Don’t Wait for Your Business to “Magically Change”. The Fact Is… You Can’t Afford to Wait… It’s YOUR Business!


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Here’s a Seminar That Can Save a Company Thousands of Dollars…

How would you like to cut company expenses without cutting employees??? With a corporate sponsored Smoking Cessation Hypnosis Program YOU WILL. I can bring such a seminar to your company and in the process help you reduce health care expenses by 5% to 25%, reduce the amount of sick time paid out, reduce the amount of employee smoke breaks and reduce your janitorial costs by having fewer ashtrays to clean and cigarette butts to pick up.

This seminar will allow you to start experiencing better productivity from you employees and will create a better corporate image for you. Think for a moment how a customer or client, or potential client perceives your company when they drive up to the building and see several employees smoking in front of the building. Your employees will become healthier and as a result, their absenteeism will decrease and more importantly, your company paid health costs go down as well as the portion that the employee pays. This means increased productivity and greater profit for the company.


 “If It’s Entertainment You’re Looking For…

Michael is also a Master Stage Hypnotist who has performed all over the world in exclusive venues such as the Riviera Hotel & Casino, Circus Circus Hotel & Casino, The Treasure Chest Riverboat Casino, The Orleans Hotel & Casino, and hundreds of resorts and other venues, for clients ranging from school shows to private events to fortune 500 companies. Go to to book him for your next event.


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