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Welcome to Motivating Minds Hypnosis. Let Michael C. DeSchalit, Certified Consulting Hypnotist, help you explore all of the wonderful opportunities that you have when you unlock the potential of your subconscious mind.

“My goal is to help people reach their maximum mental potential by using hypnotic suggestions and visualization techniques. Much like an athletic trainer would help people get their body into top physical shape, I help people get their mind in top mental shape so that they can achieve their goals and success in all areas of their life.”

Michael C. DeSchalit, CH, CI

“Voted Top Hypnotist In Tucson 2018”

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Here’s What Some of Michael’s Clients Are Saying…

“Through Michael’s gifted hypnosis techniques, I was able to let go of deep emotional issues that I have dealt with since adolescence, and also conquer simple habits like snacking after dinner.  Perhaps the most helpful piece of the experience is the continued help I receive from the CD Michael provides to aid with at-home self-hypnosis.  Now, the benefits of hypnosis are only as far away as my IPod.  Thank you, Michael!”

– Holly


“For several years I have struggled with my weight. I have tried many ways to reach a healthy range. Counting calories or points, only eating one type of food or another, or just saying to hell with it, were some of the options I tried. Then one day talking to Michael, I realized he has a possible option, the Hypno-Band. I asked Michael for help. My first session was nothing short of phenomenal. I can honestly say that being in excess of 100 pounds over weight I am almost half way to reaching my goal of getting rid of it all. Michael has not only had the Hypno-Band sessions with me but he helps keep me motivated. I would not be where I am today with my weight if it were not for Michael.”

–   Peter


“I have have known Michael for approximately eighteen years.  He is the ultimate professional and the only hypnotherapist I would trust.  Although initially leary about hypnotherapy, I am now a confirmed believer in this safe and effective therapy thanks to Michael.  He has helped me on several significant issues, most importantly a fear of driving that was severely affecting my life.  I am now drivng myself and with others with complete confidence due to the hypnotherapy Michael did with me.  I would not hesitate to recommend Michael as a hypnotherapist.”

– Kate


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